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Analysis Description Screenshot
Binary Metrics View The Binary Metrics View allows you to explore how good an experiment performed by showing it's predictions and performance metrics. Binary Metrics View
KPI Decision Matrix The KPI Decision Matrix provides you with the most important kpis to make an informed buying decision. KPI Decision Matrix
KPI Investigator The KPI Investigator allows you to contrast accross matching solutions metrics, such as precision, with soft kpis, such as configuration effort. KPI Investigator
N-Intersection Viewer The N-Intersection Viewer allows you to investigate which duplicates have (not) been detected by which matching solution. N-Intersecetion Viewer
N-Metrics Table The N-Metrics Table allows you to compare performance metrics of multiple experiments. N-Metrics Table
Similarity Diagrams The Similarity Diagrams analysis allows you to find the best similarity threshold. Similarity Diagrams