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N-Metrics Table


Requires a gold standard.

The N-Metrics Table allows you to compare performance metrics of multiple experiments. N-Metrics Table

Getting Started

  1. Add the benchmark dataset to Snowman
  2. Add a gold standard for the dataset to Snowman
  3. Add the experiments you want to investigate to Snowman
  4. Open the Benchmark Dashboard and select the analysis N-Metrics Table.
  5. Select the dataset, the gold standard and your experiments in the configurator

Interpreting the Results

Whenever you want to compare multiple experiments against a single ground truth, you can make use of the N-Metrics Table. It extends the Binary Metrics View across multiple experiments and presents the result in a table format.

Clicking on an experiment in the header opens the Binary Metrics View for this experiment. Hover over a metric or a value to see more information.